Pregnancy & Babies

One of the most rewarding jobs as an Aromatherapist/Massage & Reiki Practitioner is the care I can give to pregnant women and their newborns.

Most women don’t have a massage but during pregnancy and after the 6 week check up a massage is just what is needed. My experience and training in aromatherapy and massage can give a pregnant woman a much needed respite from some of the common niggles and ailments during pregnancy.

A therapeutic and relaxing massage with carefully blended essential oils and/or a reiki treatment can be a blissful experience

I can also show a new mother and father how to massage their baby which is a godsend when you have a fractious baby and tired parents!

I make up specialised blends of oils for bathing, body oils and creams for cradle cap so a new mother can relax and enjoy her baby to the utmost while enjoying the wonderful scents of essential oils

I also now offer Access Bars Sessions for pregnancy and nursing. Women who have had their Bars run during pregnancy have reported shorter labour and a much easier birthing process. Having your Bars “run” is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience especially if you are feeling anxious about the birth whether you are the expectant mother or father!

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