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Meditation is an important part of my life now, it was a part on and off for years and yet I never seemed to “get it together ” to actually do it consistently. I knew in myself that regular meditating was good for me and the peace I got from doing it was well worth the time spent. So the last few weeks have been interesting. Ever since doing my Access Bars Training things have moved along at a fast pace in a phenomenally good way. I have a lot less resistance, more creativity, energy, feeling good about myself and well I’m so chilled, I feel horizontal! (more…)


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Email issues

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Cartoon by Dave Walker.

I have been having a few issues with my email at

If you need to get in touch with me, please use the alternative email in my contact me page until I get the server issue resolved

Thank you



Update ~ 10th June 2011

My email is all fixed and back to normal now!

Thanks to Nick!

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